Monday, March 17, 2008

Aktivna Propaganda - Na Ruševinah kapitalizma Bomo Zgradili Prav

Aktivna Propaganda are from Ljubljana/Kranj, Slovenia. They are into activism, and sing against fascism, capitalism and exploitation in general. They play hardcore punk with many influences (from crust to metal), and I like them very much because they're not typical... This release is made of an intro, an outro, 10 studio songs, and 3 live songs. Very nice!

Aktivna Propaganda - Na Ruševinah Kapitalizma...

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Shiv - 3 Song Demo

Ok, I'm just gonna copy the info about this record because this text describes it really good...Oh and I copied the download link from Subvultures, because I found it there. Ok, lets go :
SHIV plays an interesting mix of modern d-beat/dark hardcore and some mostly 80's influenced metal (think Paradise Lost, Judas Priest etc.). Their demo/ep/what-ever-you-wanna-call-it can be found @ and it contains three furious, uncomfortably dark songs with crushingly fierce vocals and a cold atmosphere which even some black or doom bands would envy.

Shiv - 3 Song Demo

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Fleas and Lice - Parasites 7'' EP

Fleas and Lice come from Groningen, Netherlands. This is their first release, a 7'' from 1994. They play a combination of crust and hardcorepunk.


1. I Don't Need You
2. Rave Is Your Grave
3. Hiding In Masses
4. You What?

Fleas and Lice - Parasites 7'' EP

Monday, March 10, 2008

Against - Left for Dead LP

Against come from Brisbane, Australia. This is their debut album, released in 2005. They play aggressive hardcore punk... Brisbane hardcore at its best!


1. Quit while you're ahead
2. Loyal to my own
3. Left For dead
4. Force my own
5. We built this
6. Open Book
7. Stand with a fist
8. Bond still strong
9. For the true
10. The contender
11. Taking no more
12. We dont need you

Against - Left for Dead

Saturday, March 8, 2008

No Hate No Fun - Always Carry A Bible (A.C.A.B.)

No Hate No Fun are a grindcore-punk band from Zagreb, Croatia. This is their only release, which was released in June, 2007. They were formed in 2006, but they dont exist any more... The songs are pretty long for this kind of music (above 1 or even 2 minutes).. Many influences, from melodic death metal to crust, can be heard by these guys. Croatian grindercore in action!


1. - Always Carry A Bible (1:25)
2. - Mr. Gilmore, This Song Is About Your Daughter (1:45)
3. - No Hate No Fun (1:49)
4. - Caliiii, Caliii (1:27)
5. - Me And Valkyrie Against Humanity (2:51)
6. - I Played Russian Roulette With God (2:38)
7. - You Have Prozak We Have Pogo (1:41)
8. - Visual Lullaby (2:19)

No Hate No Fun - Always Carry A Bible

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Active Minds - Dis Is Getting Pathetic 7'' EP

Active Minds are a hardcore punk band from the UK. This 7inch was released in 1995, and I like it very much, because Active Bands are a specific band with a specific sound, and they are rather melodic, so I recommend you give them a chance. Not much else to say for this post...

Tracks :

1. Slaves To Fiction
2. We Don't Need It
3. Poison Cloud
4. Fashion Mask
5. One Step Forward, Two Steps Back
6. A False Sense of Security
7. Phoenix
8. Get A Life

Active Minds - Dis Is Getting Pathetic

Monday, March 3, 2008

Bold - Speak Out LP

Bold are an 80's straigh edge youth crew hardcore band from New York. They were originally called Crippled Youth, and they released 1 record under that name, named "Join the fight", after which they changed their name to Bold and released this 12 song record. It was released in 1988 by Revelation Records. They play the simple, old school type of hardcore, highly influenced by Youth of Today. I'm in love with oldschool, so I like this record, although I wish it was a bit more energic...


1. Talk Is Cheap
2. Nailed To The X
3. Now Or Never
4. Always Try
5. Clear
6. Intro
7. Change Within
8. Accept The Blame
9. Wise Up
10. Still Strong
11. Search
12. Having My Say

Bold - Speak Out

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Aus-Rotten - Anti Imperialist EP

Aus-Rotten come from Pittsburgh, USA. They were formed in the early 1990s, and this is their second release. It's a self-released 5 song EP. I always liked their lyrics, they aren't complicated but send a strong message. Ok so, 5 songs of fast, crusty hardcore punk! When I think of Aus-Rotten, I think of 2 phases. This EP, and the "Fuck Nazi Sympathy" CD are first phase, and everything after that is the other phase. Why? Well, the first two releases are really raw and oldschool, while the other releases offer longer, newschool crustcore songs... Anyways, Aus-Rotten are a classic, and a must have...


1.No Change, No Futute, We're Lost
2.They Ignore Peaceful Protest
3.This Is Brainwash
4.Secret Police, Secret Army

Aus-Rotten - Anti Imperialist EP

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Disclose / Wind Of Pain - Split tape

Disclose come from Japan. They were formed in 1990 under the name Dehumanization, but changed the name to Disclose as they wanted to play d-beat influenced by mostly Discharge (these tape's lyrics are only about war and the pain it brings). This is a self released tape, but I don't know when did they release it (so if anyone knows, please post it in a comment..). There is little info about this record since it's self released, and it's not posted in Disclose's discography? But hey, I like it... Anyways, Disclose offers 9 fast and raw d-beat/hardcorepunk songs + an intro..

Next... Wind of Pain. I don't know much about them. All I know is that they come from Finland and have split-up (the guitar player and the drummer formed Rytmihäiriö).. Their side offers 6 tracks of really good crust/d-beat...


Disclose side:
00. Intro
01. Fear of the War
02. War is Insanity
03. In Agony
04. Future Extinction
05. The Aspects of War
06. Why Isn't There War
07. Endless War
08. Torture II
09. Conquest

Wind of Pain side:
01. Wind of Pain
02. Apocalypse '95
03. Visions of Mass Destruction
04. A World Once...
05. Reality
06. Smell of Death

Disclose / Wind of Pain - split cassette

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Terveet Kädet - s/t 12''

Terveet Kädet was formed in 1980 in Tornio, Finland. They are a Finnish classic - fast, raw hardcore punk. Still, they are kinda different from the other Finnish hcpunk bands, at least in my opinion. This record was released in 1983 by Propaganda Records, and is their 4th official release. 17 tracks - Finland style!


1. Halloween
2. Vapaa Pohjola
3. Mä haluan paljon
4. Sota
5. Transvestiitti
6. Musta
7. Ylös
8. A.L.I.E.N.
9. N.Y.T.
10. Jeesus perkele
11. Käteen
12. Maailmanloppua etsimässä
13. Tuntematon
14. Anna mulle piiskaa
15. Huominen
16. Ei enää koskaan sotaa
17. Not Right (Parts 1 & 2) (Originally by Stooges)

ps: You also have a txt file in the archive with the lyrics!

Terveet Kädet - s/t 12''

Destrukcija Stvarnosti - s/t LP

Destrukcija Stvarnosti ("Destruction of reality" in english) was formed at the beginning of the year 2006 in Varaždin, Croatia. 20 songs of fast, crusty hardcore with screaming vocals and political lyrics! This LP was released by DHP Ak-47 records and distribution in 2007.


1.Budi svoj
2.Tuđi svijet
3.Posljednja iluzija
4.Sve ovisi o tebi
5.Početak ( vašeg ) kraja
6.Stvaran život
7.Stvarnost je drugačija od njihove istine
8.Stanje bezvrijednosti
9.Pojedinci i njihova neograničenost
10.Žrtva države
11.Novi početak za vračanje prošlosti
12.Prividna sreča
13.Svijet u očima nevinih
14.Ispod vanjštine
15.Ideje prošlosrti za još veči razdor
16.Daleko od mene
17.Probuđena svijest
18.Razočaran nad onim što vidim
19.Teško je odbaciti prošlost
20.Započeti danas

Destrukcija Stvarnosti - s/t LP

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bolesno Grinje - Pobjeda je naša CD

Bolesno Grinje are a grindcore band from Pula, Croatia, formed in 2000. The band members played in some nice Croatian bands like Anti Otpad or Desinence Mortification... These 18 songs were recorded in 2001, but they were released in 2005 by Endless Brutality Of Man records from Mexico. They play a brutal and raw combination of grindcore and crust. It's one of the finest Croatian grindcore bands.


1. Introdukcija
2. Ne
3. Bolesno Grinje
4. Nema Povratka
5. Depresija
6. Osuđen na Tapiju
7. Alarm
8. Nož u Leđa
9. Jebem ti Posao
10. 13
11. Generacija Zajeb
12. P.S.A.M.B.K.Z.S.
13. Vješanje Br.176
14. Mrtav/Pijan
15. Gledam u Prazno
16. Trovanje
17. Bez Teksta
18. I to je Kraj

Bolesno Grinje - Pobjeda je naša
ps : I already uploaded the album and then i saw that its not correctly named, its 2005 not 2002..

Monday, February 25, 2008

Senata Fox - Demo

Cheers! Sabotage is back from the grave :) Ok, now I finally have a lot of free time and I can spend it on writing a blog. The blog is gonna be about various hardcore/crust/punk records and stuff I want you to see, so feel free to contribute by adding information about bands etc. I decided to dedicate my first posts to the Croatian scene, so lets start...

Senata Fox is a thrashy powerviolence/hardcore band from Zagreb/Rijeka, formed in 1999. Their music is uncompromising and fast, with screaming and sometimes crusty vocals. They are vegans/vegetarians and have played in many famous Yugoslavian bands like Razlog Za, Panaceja, Amok, Lunar, ... This is their first demo, but it isn't an official release. It has 16 tracks, mostly under 1 minute, including a Razlog Za (old school hc from Kutina, Croatia) cover named "Sutra". The cover artwork is from their record "The Acracy Discourse" released in 2006, but I decided to use it here because the demo has no cover..

Senata Fox - Demo