Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Active Minds - Dis Is Getting Pathetic 7'' EP

Active Minds are a hardcore punk band from the UK. This 7inch was released in 1995, and I like it very much, because Active Bands are a specific band with a specific sound, and they are rather melodic, so I recommend you give them a chance. Not much else to say for this post...

Tracks :

1. Slaves To Fiction
2. We Don't Need It
3. Poison Cloud
4. Fashion Mask
5. One Step Forward, Two Steps Back
6. A False Sense of Security
7. Phoenix
8. Get A Life

Active Minds - Dis Is Getting Pathetic

1 comment:

7inchcrust said...

the cover artwork is the same with Discharge's Fight Back 7" and the title was about the Discharge clone bands.
nice shit anyway :)