Saturday, March 1, 2008

Aus-Rotten - Anti Imperialist EP

Aus-Rotten come from Pittsburgh, USA. They were formed in the early 1990s, and this is their second release. It's a self-released 5 song EP. I always liked their lyrics, they aren't complicated but send a strong message. Ok so, 5 songs of fast, crusty hardcore punk! When I think of Aus-Rotten, I think of 2 phases. This EP, and the "Fuck Nazi Sympathy" CD are first phase, and everything after that is the other phase. Why? Well, the first two releases are really raw and oldschool, while the other releases offer longer, newschool crustcore songs... Anyways, Aus-Rotten are a classic, and a must have...


1.No Change, No Futute, We're Lost
2.They Ignore Peaceful Protest
3.This Is Brainwash
4.Secret Police, Secret Army

Aus-Rotten - Anti Imperialist EP

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